About Us

Other services have students that have been accepted at top schools, our service has students who know why. Here’s exactly how we utilize the FERPA along with our Five Step Method to ensure the quality of feedback you receive.

FERPA Helps Us Help You

Reviewed applications contain a bank of invaluable knowledge concerning how admissions officers rank applicants and what particular aspects of an application they like/dislike. By analyzing multiple reviewed applications, we have been able to locate trends in what admissions officers look for, and equally as important, what they do not want to see. We will directly apply our unique knowledge to ensure that your application avoids common mistakes and accomplishes everything that admissions officers expect.

Our Method

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Initial Reading

Our reviewers take their first look at your essay, reading all the way through to understand the theme, structure, and content. They pay close attention to the goals of your essay.

Surface Critiques

We read your essay, making subtle corrections and changes to grammatical errors that are easily overlooked. We use this read to further acclimate to your unique writing style and essay theme.

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Reflection and Reassessment

After reading the essay twice, we take a step back, reread the prompt, reflect on the content, and brainstorm ways to help make your essay ready for submission.

Detailed Suggestions

We dissect your essay line-by-line to identify areas that could use additional attention as you make final changes. We leave in-line comments and suggestions to help guide you towards a top tier essay.

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Final Reading

Our review culminates in one final reading where we synthesize the main ideas, critiques, and strengths we gathered during our review. We then write a detailed summary of our review which includes feedback on the essay.

We don’t want to change you! Essays are often a reflection of self, and rather than altering main sentiments and feelings, we simply work with our unique admissions information to bring your essay to the level that top colleges require.