Full College Application Review

Full College Application Review


This comprehensive review gives you the best possible chances for getting into your dream school.

Customers can expect:

  • Line-by-line review of extracurricular content - our advisors will analyze your extracurriculars as an admissions officer would. Line-by-line feedback will include gramatical changes, stylistic suggestions, and a thorough check for consistent formatting throughout the entire section.

  • Review of extracurricular ordering - because admissions officers review applications so quickly, the ordering of extracurriculars is absolutely essential. Our advisors will provide a suggested order, based upon leadership roles and time devoted to certain activities.

  • Personal statement review - our advisors will review your personal statement for grammar, style, and content. More information on what to expect from this review can be found below under Essay Review.

  • Top Tier rubric scoring - our advisors will score the application and essay (1-5) on the same rubric used by the Duke University Admissions Office.

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