Defer/Waitlist Package

Defer/Waitlist Package


At $0 up front, our low commitment deferral service leaves no stone unturned in order to maximize your chance of acceptance. We will walk you through the details and writing process that numerous students have used to earn admission to their top choices. Pay $300 ONLY if you’re accepted.

From a Top Tier Prep LOCI review, you can expect the following:

  • Line-by-line edits - these include necessary grammatical changes, as well as specific suggestions to improve vocabulary, sentence structure, or writing style.

  • Global feedback - at the end of the essay, the reviewer will explicitly state what they felt the main themes of the letter were, and how successfully the letter conveyed them. The reviewer will also state what they learned about the reader from the essay, as the main goal of a LOCI is to highlight traits of an applicant that emphasize why they belong at the school in question. At this point, the reviewer will also identify the letter’s greatest strengths and weaknesses, as well as provide any other major feedback.

  • Top Tier rubric scoring - the reviewer will score the essay (1-5) on the same rubric used by the Duke University Admissions Office. However, the reviewer will grade it as a letter of continued interest, not a standard admissions essay (so scoring is slightly different).

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